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Laboratory Tests

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Lab tests identify infections such as viruses, fungus, and bacteria. They also determine whether you have nutrient deficiencies.

Turn on Your Metabolism

Losing weight can be as simple as flipping a switch.

Toxins, microbial imbalance and nutrient deficiencies all play a role in metabolism. To learn more about your personal metabolic issues, contact Daniella for a free 15 minute consultation.

Nutrition Consultation

Consult with Daniella about your personal health needs.

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Daniella Chace, MS, CN is a clinical nutritionist and educator, who specializes in medical nutrition therapy and has written extensively on the topic of oncology nutrition. She is an expert in personalized medical nutrition therapy, with an emphasis in toxicology, epigenetics, human microbial ecology, and orthomolecular applications in disease management.

She is a regular contributor to national health magazines and the host of NPR’s Nutrition Matters. She lives in Port Townsend, Washington, where she sees clients in her private practice and develops recipes that support healing.

Healing Smoothies: 100 Research-Based, Delicious Recipes That Provide Nutrition Support for Cancer Prevention and Recovery


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