15 Lead


Lead is a heavy metal that has been found to increase the growth of breast cancer cells. It is of particular concern as it is the most prevalent heavy metal contaminant in our environment.

Lead Sources 

This is a list of some of the most likely sources of lead contamination in our homes currently. Learn more in my upcoming book Home Detox (Storey, 2023).

Memory Foam

Opt instead for an all-natural rubber mattress, and a cotton or wool mattress topper.

Garden Hoses

Look for hoses labeled “drinking water safe”, and metal or natural rubber rather than plastic.

Mini Blinds

Washable cotton curtains or wood slats are lead-free window-covering options.

Ceramic Glazes

Ceramics made in the US are generally safe from metals. The glazed ceramics from Mexico have been sources, historically.

Black Eyeliner

Mineral-based makeup is generally free of lead.


Mineral-based makeup is generally free of lead.

Lead House Paint 

If lead paint was used in your home, it must be professionally removed to avoid exposure to lead dust.

Coffee pods 

A glass French Press is a non-toxic coffee brewing method.


Clothing can be a source of exposure especially when made in China, and/or with colored dyes or printing. Moisture in our skin allows toxins in fabric to be absorbed through our skin and into our blood, where it is then circulated throughout our bodies. In fact, skin contact is one of the main vectors that allow our bodies to absorb toxins.

Thrift store clothing, hand-me-downs, and organic fabrics are safest.

Tap Water

Our drinking water can be contaminated in open aquifers and from pipe materials such as PVC or lead solder. 

I highly recommend filtering drinking water at the tap. I use a Multi-Pure solid carbon filtration system. There are also less expensive filtration systems available, just be sure to use a solid carbon, not a ‘granulated’ carbon filter. Reverse osmosis is also effective for removing contaminants. 

Be aware that I do not recommend pH systems.

Read more about alkaline water here https://www.uswatersystems.com/blog/scientists-say-dont-be-duped-by-alkaline-water

Home Test Kits

Lead test kits are available at hardware stores, online, and through your Public Utilities and Health Departments.

Lead Summary Checklist

O Remove lead from your home

O Avoid exposure to lead

O Get tested for lead

O Take detoxifying supplements, when exposed to lead

O Add detoxifying foods to your daily diet.