How to Use this Program

This is information to help you right now, so get the most out of it for yourself personally by really making it yours. Print recipes and checklists.

You may choose to simply glance at each section, read the summary, and dive right into the action steps. The checklists at the end of each pod are reminders of the steps to take, based on the recommendations i. They include anti-cancer actions, such as replacing toxic products in your home with non-toxic alternatives, ordering lab test kits, and shopping for specific nutrient-dense foods. This way you can get started immediately and then later, when you want to learn more, you can take the time to read through the science behind the recommendations.

Alternatively, if you want to start by reading about the science, you may want to keep a pen handy so you can underline the areas that apply to you, make notes in the margins, and circle the sections you want to refer back to later. For example, if you have an estrogen receptor positive subtype, you may circle the recommendations that apply to ER+, as you come across them. Also, while reading about supplements, you may want to check to see if you’re taking enough CoQ10, for example. You could then circle the recommended daily dose to remind yourself to compare it to your current intake. You may also want to highlight foods in the section that sound appealing to you or check off the foods you want to buy at the store. Or simply take a photo of the grocery list provided to take with you.

You will encounter many scientific and medical terms throughout the book. You can use the Glossaries section in the back as a reference to look up terms as you run into them. The studies and research used to inform the recommendations throughout this book are provided in the References section.

My website address is provided in the About the Author section. Please visit my website for more support materials and for contact information to reach me if you have questions.

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