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Beat Breast Cancer is a comprehensive and targeted program incorporating nutrition and detoxification for the prevention and reversal of breast cancer. This program offers research-based diet and lifestyle guidance for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The easy-to-follow program shows readers exactly how to incorporate nutrients that destroy breast cancer cells through apoptosis and the removal of items in the home that contain carcinogens proven to trigger breast cancer initiation, development, growth and spread. These carcinogens are now considered to be the most significant drivers of breast cancer and they are in most modern homes.
Chace shares her decades of experience and success in turning around breast cancer cases from her client work and Beat Breast Cancer shows readers how they can do this from their own homes. This nutrition and cleansing program guides readers through the detoxification of specific breast cancer toxins and explains the relevance of the emerging science of epigenetics, helping readers understand how gene expression is affected by nutrients and toxins. Readers learn how to restore their own genes and reverse breast cancer via a plant-based diet, nutrient supplementation, and detoxification of their homes and bodies.
This is the first program to cover steps for healing that include these new areas of breast cancer science including xenotoxins, medical nutrition, the role of microbiology and genetic restoration via epigenetics. It is also the first book to provide healing recipes that applies this new research and a program developed by an oncology nutrition expert.
Beat Breast Cancer is the culmination of three successful decades of work in the field of nutritional oncology. I have helped thousands of women reverse breast cancer by reducing toxins and increasing nutrients.
My work with cancer patients started when… research at Bastyr, that lead to writing my then professor at Bastyr Maureen keane. We wrote What to Eat if You Have Cancer: Healing Foods that Boost Your Immune System (McGraw-Hill, 1996). Stphens (owner of CTCA used this book to help his wife heal from cancer and he asked me to join his team – I developed the first nutrition protocols and patient materials for The Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I developed smoothie recipes for cancer patients which lead to the publication Smoothies for Life, which sold over 350,000 copies. Ms Chace then received her toxicology certification from The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and began applying her knowledge of xenoestrogens in her private practice resulting in exciting case studies. She then developed the award winning iEat for Life: Breast Cancer, which is an iPhone application that provides nutrition guidance in the grocery store. Her books including Breast Cancer Smoothies (HCI, 2016) and Healing Smoothies for Cancer (Skyhorse, 2022) have sold well over a million copies collectively. Her newest title, Home Detox Method (Storey/Hachette Book Group, 2023), is a comprehensive guide to removing toxins from our modern homes that cause diseases, including cancer.
Chace first published the epigenetic portion of this manuscript as a small book under the title Turning Off Breast Cancer, (Skyhorse, 2015). When the book was slated for second printing Chace negotiated to purchase the rights for her book back from Skyhorse. She now owns the content and has expanded the nutrition section to include a dietary program and has added an extended section on breast toxins. Beat Breast Cancer contains the original epigenetic research from the Skyhorse book, which is no longer in print, and now contains an additional 150 pages of nutrition, toxin information, case studies, and updates throughout.
Daniella Chace, MSc, CN is a nationally recognized clinical practitioner, bestselling author and environmental-health expert. She inspires people to improve their health through informed lifestyle choices. The 20-plus titles authored and coauthored by Chace have sold more than a million copies. For example, her bestselling Smoothies for Life! Yummy, Fun, and Nutritious! (Prima, 1998; Clarkson Potter, 2007) sold over 370,000 copies, with a series of popular follow-ups that have already sold more than 100,000 copies. The What to Eat series, published by McGraw-Hill, has sold more than 230,000 copies. And at over 170,000 copies and counting, What to Eat if You Have Cancer: Healing Foods that Boost Your Immune System, Updated Second Edition (McGraw-Hill, 2006) continues to fly off the shelves.
She lives in Port Townsend, Washington where she sees clients in her private practice and develops recipes that support healing. Ms. Chace has written columns including Nutrition for Cancer Care for Women & Cancer Magazine for five years running. She is the creator of the original nutrition protocols for The Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She is a radio personality and the creator and host of the Nutrition Minute radio program that aired for three years running and Nutrition Matters on NPR stations nation-wide. She is a familiar voice on Sirius Satellite’s Martha Stewart radio channel. She is a regular on King 5 Seattle television on the Wellness Wednesday program airing in the Pacific NW. She is also the creator of NADb, a nutrition research database and NutriSigns™ which address shoppers’ health questions via in-store signage and the iEat for Life suite of applications for mobile devices.
She contributes regularly to numerous health publications and is frequently quoted by top wellness publishers including Live Strong, Amazing Wellness and Health.com. Additionally, she is featured on a series of 15-minute inflight videos on health and wellness shown on United and Northwest airlines. Her numerous public speaking engagements include a talk on GMOs at the Society of Nutrition Education’s national conference, which was attended by more than a thousand health professionals.
Chace received a bachelor’s degree in natural health sciences and a master’s degree in nutrition from the world-renowned Bastyr University in Seattle, WA, and completed her postgraduate training in environmental medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Tempe, AZ. During her 30-year career as a naturopathic healer and medical nutritionist, she has been a leading voice in several key health movements, including environmental medicine.
The Home Detox, which will be on bookstore shelves in January 2023

What you get

  • A proven program to help you feel better and reverse breast cancer.
  • A home detox program to identify and remove breast toxins found in almost all homes today.
  • A diet, menu plan, recipes, and food list for those foods that help heal breast cancer directly and foods that should be avoided.
  • Food categories that contain nutrients known to trigger apoptosis (cancer cell destruction), so you can easily incorporate them into your diet.
  • Breast cancer smoothie recipes to support those suffering from weight loss, mouth sores from chemotherapy, insomnia, chronic inflammation, and more.
  • Over 100 smoothie recipes designed specifically to support healing with food nutrients that target breast cancer cells.
  • Supplement recommendations for specific needs and subtypes of breast cancer.
  • A 15% Discount on supplements through my online dispensary.
  • Genetic test guidance and ways to support your specific subtype (e.g.: ER+)
  • Epigenetic information about how toxins turn on breast cancer genes.
  • Epigenetic information about how food nutrients turn off breast cancer genes.
  • Information to help you communicate with your oncologist.
  • Tips for getting insurance coverage for lab tests.
  • To be a part of a breast cancer community, exchanging ideas.
  • A weekly newsletter to keep you up to date on new research and insights, as well as the highest quality products, supplements, resources, and more.
  • Access to ask Daniella questions via email.
  • Monthly live zoom meetings with Daniella and our BBC community to discuss hot topics and discuss member questions.
  • Steps to help you identify the factors that likely played a role in your cancer development and ways to fix those issues. For example, vitamin D deficiency.
  • A guided program to help you heal and stay in remission for the long-haul.

I asked several of our initial members to explain why they decided to join the BBC Community. Here are a few of their reasons.

Merrily B

My daughter was just diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. I was feeling helpless and wanted so much to do something for her. Giving her the gift of the breast cancer program is a very direct way that I can support to her.

Nick P

My ex wife was recently diagnosed. Our entire family has been very worried for her. My kids asked me to help. So I gifted her a one year membership to make sure she has the information she needs to heal. I feel better about this than buying her flowers or just mowing her lawn.

Janey M

I’m in remission now after working with Daniella over the last 3 months of private sessions with her directly. I’ve joined the program to help me stay in remission. She helps me evaluate supplement dosing and natural alternatives to medication and the program is an inexpensive way for me to keep getting support.

Marci C

I joined the BBC program because I want to stay in touch with Daniella and be able to ask questions, even though I have been in remission for 3 years. We rerun the nutrient and toxin tests every few years to make sure my body is in balance so that I stay in remission. So I am part of this community for peace of mind.