Home Detox

Make Your Home a Healthier Place for Everyone Who Lives There

(Storey Publishing, 2023)

Identify and eliminate hidden toxins. Combat common health problems. Clean away toxins in every room. Make your own cleaning solutions.

From the bedroom mattress and pillows to daily cleaning products for the kitchen and bath, toothbrushes, and even furniture and clothing, toxins are embedded in many products and items used regularly in the home--and they are making us sick. Home Detox is a practical, accessible guide to understanding the problem and how we can address it in our own homes in a manageable and affordable way.

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365 Skinny Smoothies

365 Skinny Smoothies: Healthy, Never-Boring Recipes With 52 Weekly Shopping Lists For Stress-Free Weight Loss

(Countryman Press)

Never-repeating recipes and an easy-to-implement plan make daily smoothies easy.

Leading nutritionist Daniella Chace takes the guesswork out of what to blend with 365 recipes—yes, one for each day of the year—organized with the busy person in mind. Grouped in weekly installments by season with corresponding shopping lists, this book will appeal to readers who want to lose weight, increase energy, reduce bloat, and feel great, but need a straightforward, step-by-step plan to put them on track. Less thinking about the ingredients, more enjoying the result.

Each recipe introduces a weight-loss concept, such as adding probiotic supplements and cultured foods; increasing phytochemicals found in greens and berries; boosting spices that reduce inflammation; hydrating with electrolytes; stocking up on frozen berries and dry goods; and adding protein such as hemp, chia, or protein supplement powders to increase satiation. Fans of the program keep on drinking Chace’s smoothies year after year!

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Breast Cancer Smoothies

100 Delicious, Research Recipes for Prevention and Recovery

(HCI Press, 2016)


An extensive body of research, that provides many of our long-sought answers to the cause of breast cancer, has been translated into simple, healthy smoothie recipes! It’s all about Daniella’s nutrient-rich, whole foods recipes created only from ingredients that provide a direct benefit to fighting breast cancer. Concentrated amounts of carotenoids, flavonoids, probiotics, protein and minerals, including bioactive compounds from herbs and citrus oils, dramatically reduce the development and spread of breast cancer cells.

Color photos styled by the award-winning photographer Olivia Brent charm the pages with luscious smoothies images. Each recipe includes tips about the food nutrients that reduce breast cancer in specific ways, including reducing cancer cell development, growth, and spread. With just a few minutes each day, you can dramatically change the course of your life by working to prevent and heal breast cancer through fresh, appealing drinks.

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Turning Off Breast Cancer

A Personalized Approach to Nutrition and Detoxification in Prevention and Healing

(Skyhorse Press, 2015)


A cutting-edge guide to preventing and healing from breast cancer, Turning Off Breast Cancer is a comprehensive and targeted program for using nutrition and detoxification to prevent and heal from breast cancer. Rooted in the science of epigenetics–how gene expression is affected by nutrients and toxins– readers learn to restore their own genes via diet, supplementation, and detoxification.

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Healing Smoothies for Cancer

Healing Smoothies: 100 Research-Based, Delicious Recipes That Provide Nutrition Support for Cancer Prevention and Recovery

(Skyhorse Press, 2015)


Fight cancer and help prevent recurrence with these delicious smoothies! Over the last few years there has been a tremendous surge in research identifying the specific nutrients that have the ability to change the course of cancer. With a clearer understanding of the role that food nutrients, toxins, and microflora play in disease prevention and development, we have some of the long sought answers to our questions about what triggers, promotes, heals, and prevents cancer.

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