Learn How to Identify the Cause of Your Breast Cancer

Turning Off Breast Cancer: A Personalized Approach to Nutrition and Detoxification in Prevention and Healing Paperback


A Cutting-Edge Guide to Preventing and Healing from Breast Cancer

Turning Off Breast Cancer is a comprehensive and targeted program rooted in the science of epigenetics–how gene expression is affected by nutrients and toxins–Daniella Chace teaches readers to restore their own genes via diet, supplementation, and detoxification.
Readers will learn how to:
· Nourish their bodies with more than one hundred foods that combat breast cancer. Chace also offers supplement recommendations for pre- and postmenopausal women.
· Restore their bodies by using new genetic tests to determine their personal nutrition and detox needs.
· Detoxify their bodies by flushing out the toxins that contribute to breast cancer development and disturb cellular communication.

Turning Off Breast Cancer forges a clear path toward health and healing.