Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna Testimonial By Ben Booth

I have arranged with Clearlight for listeners of my show to receive a free, movable, ergonomic Back Rest and an extra $50 off their current sale prices if you mention Daniella Chace or Nutrition Matters. You will receive a free Back Rest, $450-$650 off their list prices, free shipping and a Lifetime Warranty.
I’m 57 years old and have a physically demanding job.  I was looking for something to help keep my body limber, relax my muscles and be an all around benefit to my health.  I considered a hot tub but really didn’t want the hassle of maintaining one.  My nutritionist, Danielle Chace, suggested I look into the infrared sauna’s built by Clearlight.  At the time I didn’t know infrared saunas existed.

After much research about saunas in general, and infrared saunas in particular, I decided the 2 person premier model was the perfect fit for my wife and myself.  That decision has turned out to the one of the best I’ve ever made.

The sauna arrived via a mid-size truck.  My neighbor helped me move the heaviest box to my front door.  From there I proceeded to unpack the individual pieces and assemble the sauna.

First thing I noticed was the fabulous job of packing, next came the sensory filling aromatic cedar with its beautiful appearance and matching fragrance.  I was able to assemble the sauna by myself in a little under two hours including unpacking and disposing of the packaging material.

Using this sauna is unlike any other experience.  In a word, it is fabulous.  I usually let it warm up to about 100-105 degrees then step in.  With the timer initially set for 60 minutes I get at least 40 minutes of intense muscle relaxing heat.  During the sauna I read, listen to podcasts or music via the Bluetooth speakers, (really nice sound) or just turn off the lights and relax.  The infrared heaters are silent and give off a wonderful heat that I can feel directly in my body.  I much prefer this heat to any other and particularly like how the air stays comfortable to breathe.

I’m dripping with sweat after the sauna so I jump in the shower afterward then go straight to bed.  Now that I’m daily using the Clearlight infrared sauna I sleep better, wake up feeling more refreshed and best of all, most of my morning stiffness that I’ve become accustomed to for the past 10 or more years is gone!

One added benefit is the ability of the sauna to immediately warm my body when I come in from outside on a particularly cold day.  If I get a little cold riding my motorcycle I simply sit down in the sauna, fully clothed, and let the infrared heat warm me from inside.  It is simply amazing how warm you will feel and how quickly it will happen.  Nothing takes a chill off faster than this sauna!