Private Consultations

Most of my clients come to me when they are experiencing a health crisis. This is often because they are having symptoms that their medical doctor is unable to treat, for whatever reason. I work to help them find the underlying cause through lab testing to evaluate imbalances such as nutrient deficiencies, toxic exposures, hormonal issues, and to identify infections. I develop a personalized protocol for each of my clients, which includes dietary guidance, a supplement plan, a lab test schedule, and a step-by-step plan toward healing.

I have successfully helped thousands of my clients reverse disease, including healing from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. I have also had success using toxin testing and detoxification for recovery from neurological symptoms such as neuropathy, MS progression, and chronic pain. I have helped diabetic patients stabilize blood sugar without the use of insulin, and helped many of my clients to reverse the imbalances that cause heart disease.

If you are experiencing health issues and you want to learn how I can help you, how many sessions are generally needed to reverse disease, and the cost, please reach out to me. There is no charge for an initial phone call to discuss your health goals.

~ Daniella
(208) 720-8271
[email protected]

  1. Evaluate Toxicity
  2. Determine Nutrient Deficiencies
  3. Test/Question
  4. Findings/Conditions
  5. Replace/Supplement Nutrients
  6. Detoxify

Clinical Practice Documents


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