02 How to Use the Program

Start the program today and dedicate at least an hour each day to this process to move through the program as quickly as possible. Each case of cancer is driven by different factors and these will become evident as you correct each imbalance. For example, if you are deficient in vitamin D, you may experience rapid healing as your blood levels rise from supplementing with vitamin D3.  Or your cancer may be driven by exposure to plastics, which is often the case with hormone-sensitive cancer cells. In this case, removing your sources of plastic exposure may be a significant factor in reducing the growth of cancer cells in your body. There are many factors that lead to cancer and you will be addressing each to reverse and heal.

Feel free to jump around as you work your way through the program. You might want to jump forward to the recipes and then jump back to removing plastic from your kitchen when you have time on the weekend, for example. Be sure to review the summary at the end of each section, and check off those sections that you have completed. To help you track the sections that you have already completed, there is a personalized checklist in the top right corner of each page. Visit your list anytime to see which sections you have yet to complete.

What to Expect

My clients find that they feel stronger and have more energy as they increase plant foods in their diets, they often have improvements in other areas of their health too, such as better blood sugar control, less brain fog, and improved digestion. This is information to help you right now, so get the most out of it for yourself personally by really making it yours. Print recipes and checklists if that is helpful for you. You may choose to simply glance at each section, read the summary, and dive right into the action steps. The checklists at the end of each section are reminders of the steps to take, based on the recommendations. They include anti-cancer actions, such as replacing toxic products in your home with non-toxic alternatives, ordering lab test kits, and shopping for specific nutrient-dense foods. This way you can get started immediately and then later when you want to learn more, you can take the time to read through the science behind the recommendations. My clients who are methodical and carefully reduce and eliminate exposures have had great success in turning around breast cancer. As you check each item at the end of each section, your own personal master list in the dropdown menu at the top right of the page will keep track of what you have already completed and which steps you have yet to complete.

Read each section

Review the summary and take the action steps

Check off each section once completed.

Reach out if you have questions. You can reach me through my personal email [email protected]

I wish you ease and speed as you make your way through the program and I look forward to hearing how you are doing along the way.

Dive in and start feeling better today!