Oral Zinc Test

Oral Zinc Test

Zinc sulfate solution can be used in testing for zinc deficiency.

Hold a teaspoonful of zinc sulfate solution in the mouth for 30 seconds and note the taste response from one of four categories:

  1. No specific taste or other sensation is noticed, even after 30 seconds.
  2. No immediate taste is noted, but after a few seconds a slight taste described as dry, mineral, furry, or even sweet is reported.
  3. A definite, although not strongly unpleasant, taste is noted almost immediately and tends to intensify with time.
  4. A strong, unpleasant taste is noted immediately and tends to intensify with time.

Swallow solution after 30 seconds. Individuals who fall into category 1 or 2 generally respond favorably to zinc supplementation.

Each teaspoon of the oral zinc sulfate solution contains 1.5 mg zinc.

Recommended dose for supplementation to reverse a deficiency is between 50-60 mg per day of zinc picolinate.

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